Tiger Moms ?

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6 thoughts on “Tiger Moms ?

  1. I think that it is very common in Asian culture to try to push their children to do things, to have As in school and play some musical instruments. Maybe not so much now, but definitively until a couple of years ago. Some children can bear this kind of pressure better than others, but the rate of suicide in Asian countries is very high and I think that one of the main reasons is parents trying to control the lives of their children. On the other hand parents here seem to have lost complete control over their kids and it seems that a lot of bad things are happening because of that. Maybe the best would be the middle way, to have the best that these two opposite kinds of parentage have to offer to create well adjusted and happy children.

    • When you say “parents here,” do you mean Asian American parents or all American parents? I like your suggestion for parents to find a “middle way,” one that is not too strict, but not too undisciplined either.

  2. sometimes parents tend to put so much pressure on their children unconsciously. i think this is because they have too much expectations about their own children and they have kind of dreams about their children. some parents try to force their children to do something same that parents themselves did or couldn’t accomplish on their childhood. but one thing that parents should understand is that their children are not their lives, children should have their own lives that they wanna have. parent should support what their kids wanna do, not what they want their kids to do.
    For instance, through the job hunting i did last year, i really felt some of my friends were doing it feeling so much pressure from their parents like they need to get a job offer especially from big sized companies…

  3. Yes the value of Chinese is totally similar to that of Japanese. As an Asian, I can easily understand it. Parents push too much pressures on their children and most children try to do their best to see parents expectations. What surprises me, though, was that Chinese immigrants follow the tradition/custom even in the countries where they settled down. They take it as important to inherit their culture and tradition as well as they fit themselves in the new place. I’m even impressed with their passions and energy.

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