Movie Criticism & Film Reviews

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Please write a 200-word essay and post it to this page. In your essay, please answer these questions: What is the role of the film critic? What is the purpose of a film review? What should be the job of a film critic?

Please use some information and ideas from the documentary (above) that we are watching. Also, you may reference one or more of the movies that we have seen this term: The Last of the Mohicans, The Butler; The Joy Luck Club; Fools Rush In; or The Descendants.

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2 thoughts on “Movie Criticism & Film Reviews

  1. I think that the role of a movie critic is to inform the people that want to see it. He can tell what kind of movie it is and say honestly if he liked the movie or not and the reasons why. He can point out the things he thought that worked or didn’t work out in the movie, he can write about other movies from the same director and how the new one compares to his other works. One of the critics contended that a movie should have a message, but I think that not necessarily. Some people want only to be entertained, to forget his problems, or simply want to lighten his mood laughing in a theater with other people. Another said that a movie should expand the view of the world of the spectator, but I think that most movies add something to you, even unintentionally. Today a lot of people prefer to ignore films reviews because the critics are too harsh to popular movies and promote art films or something quite different that doesn’t exactly appeal to the general public. People sometimes prefer to see what other common people like them thought about the movie, instead the one from a professional critic.

  2. When I see a movie – an art house movie or standard Hollywood fare, either one – I like to see it with friends or family. And after watching the movie (soon afterwards), I love to talk about the movie and discuss its merits or flaws. For this reason, I like watching matinees because we have time to go to a coffee shop or restaurant when the movie ends, and we can chat about the film. Indeed, this discussion is an important part of my enjoyment of movies. So, I think the role of film critics is similar to the role of these friends and family members who watch a movie with you. I believe that film criticism is a part of the enjoyment of movies, and it should not influence the artistic decisions of directors, actors, writers, and others who make movies.

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