7 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Rick,
    Hi. I signed up Netflix yesterday, but i cant enter up as the password was rejected. I tried again and again, I put my email account to send me a link. They said that they sent a link but I cant get any. I dont know how to figure this out..

    • I’m sorry to hear this!
      Let’s try to fix things on Monday!
      Thanks for trying!
      I wonder if anyone else has the same problem?
      Have a good night!

  2. Hey Rick,
    Ive got Netflix connection and watched up to 3rd episode. I think I didn’t finish sign up completely, that’s why. Thank you for your concern.

  3. Rick,
    I posted a video clip yesterday. I know they don’t speak English but I wanted to share it with the class. Should I choose another one?

    • I’ll find an additional video! Let’s keep the first one! Thank you! We’ll watch 2 videos for your circle, ok? We’ll do the same as we did for Mana’s circle. Thanks! Have a good 4-day weekend!

      • I was thinking of adding another video clip to. I appreciate your help and understanding. You too, have a good weekend!

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