9 thoughts on “Chihiro

  1. Hi, everyone!
    This video might not be related to this question…

    If you were reborn, would you prefer to be born as same sex: a woman? or a man?
    (For Rick, you prefer to live as a man again or a woman?)

  2. I love to be a woman. I am super glad that I was born female. I like to do a lot of “male” things like Kung Fu fighting, snowboarding, climbing, hockey and surfing or play pool, dart and table soccer. I have to thank my parents and my brothers who always motivated me to do everything. I never heard dont do thats not for girls.

    • I also love to be a woman! Nina, you are so cool, im really impressed to know that you have challenged so many things like Kung Fu, climbing, hockey etc!!

  3. I like this question; thank you, Chihiro.
    I like variety, so I think I’d like to spend half of my lives as women and half as men.
    However, as we see with Nina’s words above, men and women are not so different, right? So maybe, it doesn’t matter so much. Men can enjoy and succeed in activities that are typically associated with women, and women can certainly do things that are considered masculine pursuits, right?

    Do you guys think that men and women are so different?

    • Rick, I like your idea! half of lives as women and the other half as men!

      yes, i agree with your idea. at some points, men and women are of course different, but at the same time, it seems like they are not so different.

  4. The only thing what I want to do and could`t is hitchhiking trough Europe. I think thats to dangers. But its ok I am over this dream and create already new ones 🙂

  5. I think I would like to be a different person no matter the sex. To be born in a different place, see different things, to do different things, and maybe in a different year, like in the future. I think I would like to see if all the progress we have made in sciences and technology created a better future, like in the books and movies about the future.

    • wow, your idea is interesting. it is really a good one! i your idea always gives me new perspectives about many things! thanks!

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