E7: The Self Destruct Button

Please post your questions below:

2 questions about language

1 question about culture


6 thoughts on “E7: The Self Destruct Button

  1. When Miranda is talking about the patients she says that “Mr Moeller’s IV fell out and he is a hard stick” what is that?
    In another part a doctor says that “he is too juiced to do something” is that term applied only to drinking?
    The scene shows a doctor sleeping in the middle of an operation. Is drinking from medical staff something that was happening at that time here in U.S.?

    • “juiced” often means that a person is on illegal steroids for strength. But it can also mean drunk.

      “hard stick” means that it is difficult to get the IV into the man’s arm, I think. It’s hospital jargon.

      I also wonder if alcohol in medical work is a real problem, or only in the reality of the show.

      Good Questions!

  2. Language
    what does “she’s off the market” mean?
    what does “pain is a great divine” mean?

    is it common in the US that people take their boyfriend/girlfriend to their room and spend a night, even though they are sharing the room ( doing room share with others)?

    • I think it’s a little weird to take your boyfriend/girlfriend to your room when you are sharing your place with other roommates, but this kind of thing happens in parts of the US, I think.

      “she’s off the market” means that a girl is not single anymore; She is dating someone.

      “pain is a great divine [divide?]”
      I’m not sure about this one in context.

      Good Questions!

    • Nina, good question!

      Competition is highly valued in American business, education, and other areas of achievement. American capitalism and free enterprise is all about competition, right? I think we see this American value in the show.

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