One thought on “Film

  1. Rick,
    I can’t see the names of the movies so I leave my assignment here.
    As I told you before, I was involved in Native American culture when I was in a college for two years through literature.
    What I was shocked to learn the most was their history in the U.S. They were stolen their lands, were slaughtered, were treated very badly by white people who came to the land much later. N.A. had rich culture and were peaceful people. Though they were nice people, they conflicted between tribes and they sometimes they were cruel as we saw it in the killing scene. However it’s a part of their culture, too. After British and French came to the U.S. and had a war, they involved Native American in their war. Then they started to fight each other because of them. It was a tragedy.
    People in the U.S. consider NA as savage and ignorant. Those images about NA still exists and in many movies , they treated NA as such. The way they showed NA in this movie is different. More realistic, more like humans.

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