Fools Rush In


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16 thoughts on “Fools Rush In

  1. In the beginning of the movie there is a part when they talk in Spanish and there is no translation. Was the movie direct to a specific public?

    • Here is my guess:

      I think the director wants the audience to understand how Whitman feels in these Spanish language situations. If the audience doesn’t understand Spanish, they can empathize with the main character, right?

      However, I’m sure that many Spanish speaking people, especially bilingual Americans, enjoyed the film.

  2. 1) The girl(Salma Haeck) tossed the coin when she was driving into Las Vegas. What does it mean?
    2) What does “pants down” mean?

    • To be “caught with your pants down” means this:
      catch someone in an embarrassingly unprepared state.

      here are some more expressions with “pants” :
      fly (or drive) by the seat of one’s pants informal rely on instinct rather than logic or knowledge.
      scare (or bore, etc.) the pants off someone informal make someone extremely scared, bored, etc.
      wear the pants informal be the dominant partner in a relationship : there’s no doubt who’ll wear the pants in that house.

      have you ever heard any of these?

    • the older rich lady is a “connection” that is helping the guys to navigate the legal and other problems of starting their club in Las Vegas. I don’t think her role is an important element in appreciating the story.

      • ( connections) people with whom one has social or professional contact or to whom one is related, esp. those with influence and able to offer one help : he had connections with the music industry.

    • When a man visited her house pretending her boyfriend, everybody? in the party spoke to him in spanish at first. what does this mean? why did they do that? because they didn’t feel good for the american guy?

      • A good word that is used in this movie is “alienate” :

        Isabel says “why do you alienate me!” when she learns that he will be going back to New York early, and he hasn’t told her about this.

        I think that Isabel’s ex-boyfriend uses Spanish at first to “alienate” Alex. They want to say that he cannot understand them because he is not one of them, something like that.

        alienate |ˈeɪliəˈneɪt| |ˈeɪljəˈneɪt|
        verb [ trans. ]
        1 cause (someone) to feel isolated or estranged : an urban environment that would alienate its inhabitants | [as adj. ] ( alienated) an alienated angst-ridden 22-year-old.
        • cause (someone) to become unsympathetic or hostile : the association does not wish to alienate its members.

  3. Can you use the expression “it takes two to tango” to other situations different from the movie?
    His parents didn’t seem to be practicing Presbyterian. Why were they so upset about religion?

    • Your question about religion in the US is a great question: what do you other ladies think about this question?

      “it takes two to tango” can be used in a variety of ways.
      I like this definition: both parties involved in a situation or argument are responsible for it

  4. Sorry couldn’t found the review side.
    Fools rush in is a movie about the two young people which grew up in a different cultural background. Isabel is a Latina Mexican woman, with a lot of believes in sprit. The man has more believe i money and suggest. But after a one night stand they expect a baby. Not only that keeps that couple together. They fall in love and married super fast.
    After they went through deeps and downs they separated. But he fight for her so much and looked for her in the far Mexico. In the end they remarried a typical happy end.

  5. It was an interesting movie, however, I expected more deeper insight. The ending of the story is little too easy.. A life of Mexican American is the same as that of Hawaiian’s. They focus on their family and friends in their lives which the other culture are getting to lose.

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