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Below, please write a character sketch for one or two of the main characters: 

Janete = Meredith Grey

Yunkyung = Derek Shepherd

Yasuko = Miranda Bailey; Preston Burke

Mana = Izzie Stevens; George O’Malley

Chihiro = Christina Yang; Meredith’s Mom

Nina = Alex Karev; Richard Webber

(Janete and Yunkyung, please give more details because you only have one person)

Everyone, use the information about these characters that you have seen in the first 4 episodes, but also, please use your imagination to guess about the characters’ histories, etc. OK?


11 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy

  1. Miranda: She is basically mean but it seems that she does that on purpose. She is smart, very tough and he instructions are appropiate and precise.
    Preston: He is intelligent, arrogant, and showy. Though he wanted to be a director but his boss chose Derek instead. Now he is trying to change himself. Recently the relationship between him and Dr.Yang is gonna change and there seems to happen something.. Maybe…love??

  2. I think Meredith had something to prove to her mother, a famous surgeon, when she went to med school and now she is a little frustrated that her mother can’t see what she has accomplished until now. She is a risk taker, as she herself says that she gets high assisting a risky procedure. Meredith is smart, intelligent and driven by a desire to practice medicine, and maybe to be like her mother. She is strong and don’t mind going over other people to do something that she thinks is right. I think she is also a perfectionist as she seems to know by heart symptoms and their causes, and even what to do as in the scene with Alec, when he misdiagnosed his patient.

  3. Richard Weber:
    He is the chief of surgery at the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.
    His fair and calm character make him to a good leader.
    From the years before , he knows Meredith’s Mom (Ellis Grey).
    Alex Karev:
    He is the bad character of the group. The arrogant behavior to the nurses or the other interns make him not more popular. I think he will change and i think something between him an Izzy will start in the future.

    • I think you are right when you say that Alex will change. He is too unlikeable now. He cannot continue with the same personality and bad traits. His character will certainly grow and change.

      I think Webber is a grandfatherly type. Do you agree?

  4. Christina Yang
    She is probably Korean American and one of the interns at the Seattle Grace West Hospital. She doesn’t like being told what to do and losing at anything. She looks like always calm (cool-haeded?), a hard worker and a good friend with Meredith. She might have a sharp tongue. (ex. The scene of her telling a patient’s family about an organ donation.)
    Meredith’s mom
    She used to be a surgeon is now in a nursing home. She has alzheimer disease. She doesn’t recognize even her family when looking at the picture of them. But she remembers a woman clearly who used to work at the hospital with her, which makes Meredith surprised.

    • Yasuko and I think that Burke and Yang will have a romance. What do you think?

      Don’t you think that Meredith is hurt when she sees that her mom remembers a nurse more easily than she remembers her own daughter?

  5. Good Character sketches, everyone!
    Let’s start writing a little more when we do these activities. 400 level HELP students should be able to quickly and comfortably write several hundred words.

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