9 thoughts on “Mana

  1. Hi, everyone!!!!
    here is a video clip and this is very touching story… actually kind sad…
    Whenever I watch this video I cry little bit …

    If you are the father who would you help ?

  2. OMG Mana! Thank you for sharing the video with such a strong message!
    Life is a succession of choices.. Everyone doesn’t want to make a wrong decision. It totally depends on each person. There are some people who can make a decision even when they have to sacrifice themselves. Father in this video is one of them. It’s very very difficult situation especially when you have to sacrifice your beloved one. If I were him…I would not do anything, to be honest.. I don’t have enough courage to do what the father did… There are no good, or bad life or life you can sacrifice either…Difficult.

  3. It is a very difficult decision and I imagine that I wouldn’t be capable of taking the same decision as the father. Maybe I would rationalize that only a few people would die in the accident, or maybe only one and it wouldn’t be fair to exchange a life for a life. In the other video people are saying that four persons lives are more valuable than one, but if the one life was a child playing in the tracks, I think that they would change their minds.

    • I know… when I watch the video first time, I thought it was just terrible and i was wondering why the father didn’t help his son. However, the end of the video ,there is a new hope and he saved the hope.,,,,yeah but it is difficult to make a decision ….

  4. hmmm, it is so hard.i myself can’t imagine what i would do in that situation. the decision the father made is really sacrificial one. i guess there are not so many people who can do the same thing as he did.
    it would be better that the number of victims is as less as possible, but i think it is also controversial to value person’s life only from a number. as Janete says, if the one life was a child and other four lives were not, i think people would change their minds.

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