10 thoughts on “Nina

  1. Aloha class mate

    Love is in the air…

    How would you define love?
    What is the key for a good relationship?
    Are you agree with the opinion of the comedian?

    • I think you should use his video to show sexism in our class with Michael. He says a lot of things about women, many of them negative, but people are laughing and even the women are laughing. I think that in a way it is funny, but it says a lot about our thinking.

  2. hum… I don’t know what to say.. I watched it but I couldn’t get it really as I didn’t like his way of speaking. As Rick said at todays class, its the cultural difference I guess. I couldn’t laugh with the audience. Sorry… Anyways.. the idea how women and men should be is universal and we are tired of it..

  3. Internet connection was not good so i could only watch the first part of the video, sorry. What is the key for a good relationship? hmmm, interesting but difficult question… i think one thing that is really important to keep a good relationship with a partner is that each of them has something they really respect about their partner. it might have nothing to do with sexuality. something they respect as a human being.

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