Below, please post your reviews for Fools Rush In


One thought on “Reviews

  1. The movie is a romantic comedy, or better a chick flick where the Latino people are highly emotional and even theatrical and although I liked it, this movie was more like 3 stars. It was funny in some parts like when her brothers shoot the snake and he ended up on a cactus, and not so much in others, maybe a little predicable and with a little bit stereotyped characters, especially the Mexican-American family. I don’t know if it is only me, but they seemed more like caricatures than real people. The two main characters didn’t know each other when they married and I think they would have had problems even if they came from the same culture. They both were too stubborn and maybe a tad spoiled and didn’t know how to compromise. Everything were like “things have to be my way” and they couldn’t reach a middle ground. I suppose that even if she had married the police officer and he had married the blond girl they would have ended up divorced. It is a light comedy and not to be taken seriously.

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