Women in the United States in the 21st Century

• Please watch this TED talk and post two good discussion questions.
(Please post your discussion questions by using the text box below)

Here are some words and phrases that you will need
to know before watching the talk:

– profession – corporate – head of state – pitch a deal
– workforce – Silicon Valley – underestimate – negotiate
– promotion – employee – opportunities – keep your foot on the gas pedal


12 thoughts on “Rick

  1. 1) Do you want to continue working after you have a baby? Why? Why not?
    2) If your husband/ partner were offered to move to a different country for his job while you had your job, what would you do? Would you go with him or not?

    • Yasuko’s Questions
      1: I don’t wanna continue working once I have a baby. I think it is not so easy to accomplish both working and raising a baby especially in Japan. I also think the first 2 or 3 years is one of the most important periods for a mother to raise a child. During that periods I wanna spend most of my time only for my child. Thus I chose not continue.
      Even if I decided to continue working, I would probably need a lot of help from a partner, my parents, neighbor, etc as well as the social system to support women.

    • I think it is important to continue to work because you don’t know what can happen in the future. You can get divorced or something can happen to your husband, like an accident or lose his job and you would need a source of income. Even if nothing happens it is important to develop yourself as a person, and be linked to what happens in the world.
      If it is for a few years, I think that I would decide to stay, because we could meet on vacations, or he could travel where I am from time to time because of his job. It would depend if you have a house and if children are involved.

    • 1) I studied for 6 years Chemistry and I love my work. The best thing about is, that I can research on drugs that can help people to survive or to make it easier.
      In my opinion it is better to share the work and the family work with the partner.
      My Dad was every Wednesday at home and my Mom worked. That was a great opportunity to get to a close relationship between my Dad and us ( My and my siblings). I would love when my future husband is having the same.
      2) Wow super difficult questions. Of course you have to talk about and see what is the best solution for the family and not for the single person.
      But i think it could be a super good experience and you live just once 🙂
      bdw good questions!

  2. Many of the comments for this video said that this kind of problem doesn’t exist here. Why many men refuse to admit that there are problems in the workforce?
    Others say that women are the first to discriminate other women. What do you think?

  3. Yasuko and Janete, thank you for the great questions!

    I have two questions too:

    In your home countries, do you have equal numbers of women and men in leadership positions in business, education, or politics? If not, why? Does your country have the same problems as America in preventing women from achieving their highest potential?

  4. Rick’s Q’s;
    In Japan, numbers of women in leadership position are lower than those of men in any field, unfortunately. Also there are some problems preventing women from achieving potential. In many places, like schools, they try to have more female principals for example, but they are still few. I think that there are many reasons for this but we have still “glass ceiling” in our society. It’s very difficult to change them fast.

  5. 1: If a woman decides to continue working after having a baby, do you think what kinds of things or systems are needed other than maternity leave to manage both raising a baby and woking?
    2: Even if men and women do the same thing, men are taken that in a good way but women in a bad way as both the video Janete poseted and the TED video show. What do you think is the reason about this difference?

  6. My questions ( SORRY VERY LATE I KNOW)
    1) You think a woman and a man is leading a company in the same way? Where would you think are the difference?
    2) Do you think is it a good idea to support and prefer the woman in leading position? Why or why not?

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