The Butler

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5 thoughts on “The Butler

  1. I think that Forest Witeker(the butler) is one of the best Black American actos but acutaly Oprah is better than him. When I saw this movie, I was so sad to see that there are so much hatred between Whites and Blacks in this country. I understand that history makes this country difficult to unite. How do people overcome tthe hatred? It’s so difficult, seems almost impossible..

  2. I liked the movie and I think it portrayed this era very well, but it made me curious to read the book and see what the real butler thought about his life journey. The movie is more about the director’s view of the history of the civil rights movement.

  3. Although i could only watch the first and the last part of the movie, i think this is a good movie and i like it. As a preparation, each of us watched a documentary movie about a black american history, i think that made me understand more about the movie.
    The situation between black and white has been becoming better but there are still so many problems and discriminations in the US i guess. these problems should not be allowed to exist but the reality is different…
    anyway, this movie was really interesting.

  4. I have also only good feedback! This movie makes me to think about the African American problems in an other level. I was not enough sensitive.
    Great movie and smashing actors!! Orprah was amazing…

  5. The movie was so good and very touching
    Also this helped me a lot to understand Amrian culture and what African American got through so far. I highly recommend the movie to my friends!!!!!

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