The Descendants


8 thoughts on “The Descendants

  1. Even though I don’t know well about the culture in mainland, i guess it is really different from hawaiian culture and culture in mainland. a friend of mine who is from California said, hawaii and where he lived in CA are different. for instance, he said in hawaii there is hawaiian time, which is slow.
    in the movie, i could watch people using hawaiian words like holoholo and the house Matt and his family live in is hawaiian style, i guess. at the very last scene, i saw them sitting on a couch using a blanket. and the blanket’s pattern is hawaiian kilt. of course, they would have similarities between hawaii and mainland, but i think culture is hawaii is different from mainland’s one.

    one reason matt decided not to sell could be that he found out Brian was the one his wife had kind of a relationship and if he sold, that means brian would be rich. matt had complicated feeling about everything that had happened.
    and also, he might realize kind of destiny as being given the island from his descendants and an importance of owing the beautiful island….?

    • Good job, Chihiro!

      I’m interested in your final comment: ” he might realize… an importance of owing the beautiful island.”

      At the end, when he says goodbye to his wife, I think Matt realizes all of the beautiful things that his wife has given him. Perhaps, he realizes at the same time, all of the beautiful things that the Hawaiian land has given him.

  2. I think one of the big differences between Hawaiian culture and the culture in other states is that here everyone seems to have a laid back attitude, even in business, so people are never on time. But in certain ways, Brazilians are also a little bit laid back as they are rarely on time for meetings or simply to meet friends. People here use informal clothes and flip flops in every occasion, and you can see a lot of people wearing shorts and flip flops on airports, business meetings and universities. At home, in the movie, they all seemed to walk barefooted, and you can see them taking their shoes off before entering a house.
    Matt said that they never did anything to earn their properties, but they had a connection with the land, and they were there to take care and preserve it for their descendants. He didn’t want to see the nature there destroyed to construct golf courses and hotels. And part of him didn’t want his wife’s lover to become rich, maybe because he felt that the guy had used her knowing that she loved him and was prepared to divorce her husband and leave her daughters, and he had no intention of leaving his family at all.

    • Good work, Janete!

      I think many of you are realizing that Matt’s decisions was based on many different feelings and observations. I agree. There was not just one reason for his decision.

  3. Yes I can see a difference in the culture and I hope it doesn’t disappear. I mean there are not the same roots. Hawaiian are from New Zealand or from other Islands and the mainland has totally different original inhabitants.
    Nowadays, I see the difference in the interests in business and lifestyle. In New York everybody is defining over the job and the article of value, what is a big contrast to Hawaii. Not the half of my friend over here now what I am working because we never talk about that additional the boss of a Hawaiian company wears the same Hawaiian shirt as the employee. (Do you remember we saw that also in the movie).
    The lifestyle in Hawaii is more connected to leave in the moment and on the mainland more for the future… you have to work hard to have a better life in the future …or something like that.

    • Yes. Nice comments!

      One of my favorite lines in the movie is this one:

      “In Hawaii, some of the wealthiest and most important people look like bums.”

      I love this about Hawaii.

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