The Joy Luck Club

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5 thoughts on “The Joy Luck Club

  1. Although I liked the movie, I thought it was also a little melodramatic, because there were babies drowning, abandoned, stolen, and sold. All of them had only daughters and the solitary son that was taken back disappeared completely from the story. It is like a faerie tale because all ends well, everyone seems well-to-do and happy, even successful in their lives, after so many tragedies. The two daughters didn’t seem resentful for being abandoned and we don’t know how they survived, if someone took them to their father. I felt that there were some loose ends that maybe could have been resolved.

  2. The movie is heavy and deep and how Janete mentioned full of tragedies but on the other hand also full of good messages for the life between mother and daughter.
    Some story reminds my an problems with my Mum. It was interesting to see the parallels between the stories of the old and the new time. All in all a good movie with a lot to think about

  3. I think that Asian immigrants are basically strong. They have survived in a conventional, conservative society back home and then moved to a new place where they cant even speak the language. Asian women, furthermore. They are supposed to play an role as woman,too, so they are even stronger than men. It impressed me a lot. However they tend to put so much pressure and expectations on their children. Some take it natural but I guess most of them suffer. In the movie, there are some conflicts between mothers and daughters. You can see those conflicts in any culture but with an aspect of immigrants’ history, it’s heavy. In the end, daughters understood and accepted the values of mothers, and they reconciled with their mothers, which was meaningful for their future.

  4. This movie is a little heavy, but it is really interesting and I enjoyed watching it.
    Four mothers and four daughters, each of them has a different story about their life. All of the four mothers have got through difficulties because of the history. Each of their four daughters has some problems about their husbands, marriage, life etc.
    What impressed me is when daughters really needed some advices or something because they are in trouble, their mothers were always? there. They gave or taught their daughters really important things. Like, Ying Ying’s words changed her daughter’s life to a better one, from jerk husband to a better one. When a woman, which I don’t remember her name, was about to take action for divorce, what her mother said changed her attitude toward her husband and it turned out they got together again.
    Through watching the movie, I realized the relationship between a mother and a daughter is really strong and beautiful.

  5. The movie was very interesting and touching. I think all moms are victims of the history. And I can understand why they raised up their kids like that. It was sad that all mom didn’t have a enough conversation with their daughters when they were young.

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