The Last of the Mohicans


The Last of the Mohicans on IMDB


4 thoughts on “The Last of the Mohicans

  1. I though that it was quite different from the book, as the hero Hawkeye didn’t have a love interest, and in the end Cora, Uncas and Magua died, but not Alice and an English officer, who then marry. Magua wanted Cora and proposed to her and was rejected. I think the Mohicans have only virtues as the hero, and the Hurons were portrayed as very violent and savage. The French general is traitorous and he doesn’t care that women and children were also massacred with the soldiers. Although I thought that the movie was good, maybe it is not historically very exact and it is full of stereotypes.

  2. Through watching this film, I feel like I understood a frontier spirit of American and the reason why people still have guns in a society better than before.
    One of the scenes I was really moved is the last scene an english officer said something like “take me, instead of Hawkeye. That scene was really moving. it turned out like he was a good guy.

  3. The movie was great! To be honest, the biginneing parts of the movie was kind of boring for mw. It was difficult to understand but !!!! the last scene made me soooo sad and at the same time I loved the scene which is that ” I will find you, how far it is…..etc ” I love the scene ! Also, I wish Alice and the son could become couple,…
    actually after I got home I watched the last scene again lol

  4. Usually I don`t like these kind of movies. Mostly i think the dialogs are boring. But it was cool that we looked at the movie so close and also whit the historical background. For my opinion it had too much violence.

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