10 thoughts on “Yasuko

  1. Aloha Guys!
    Watch this video clip and share what you think..
    What do you think about people who have disability? What is their “challenge”?
    Any personal experience? What do you think about a beauty of human beings? Just share your thoughts..
    Have a great 4 days weekend!

  2. Hey i saw these video before… a great message. Show not always the “normal” bodies in the store window!
    I think al these people in the video are so beautiful people.
    I worked a few years ago with children who have disability. They had to learn a lot more than other children. Like how to hold the fork to eat because the hand just don’t listen to the brain.
    But what they didn’t had to learn was happiness! Was a great experience to work with them. They taught me more than I could give them
    Great video!

  3. I think that what we experience as a child and as an adult molds our perception of ourselves, not only on the physical aspect but on other levels too.

  4. This is a very interesting video. A beauty of human beings… it depends, but as Yunkyung said its really important and beautiful to love ourselves!
    One of the challenges people who have disability face would be something from people around them. sometimes, people might stare at them unconsciously, not having an intention and it might make them feel uncomfortable.

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